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Zaigar Saves Over $2,000 In Fees In June Using Dash Instead of Ethereum ERC-20 Token

On today’s Dash Talk episode Amanda b. Johnson speaks with Rodrigo Ambrissi from Dash Brasil about why the task rewards platform Zaigar.com decided to switch from using it’s own native ERC-20 Token ZAI to using Dash as a payment method … Read More

Dash Insights: Postera Capital – The First EU-Regulated Crypto Investment Fund

Welcome to Dash Insights, a show that shines the spotlight on professional market analysis from industry experts and respected leaders in finance and cryptocurrency. On today’s episode Mark Mason speaks with Martin Schmidt who is a founding partner for Postera … Read More

Results from CrowdNode Masternode Share Votes Reflect Network-Wide Vote

CrowdNode, the Dash Masternode pooling company that also recently enabled proportional voting for share holders of Dash Masternodes, recently released the results from their aggregate voting on Dash Investment Foundation Supervisors and it reflects the network-wide results. CrowdNode MN shares … Read More

Wasabi Wallet Founder: Bitcoin Fees Will “Price Out” On-Chain Privacy

The founder of the Wasabi privacy Bitcoin wallet admits that growing fees will soon “price out” privacy from the main chain. Compared to privacy coins Wasabi is just a temporary hack. I think without Confidential Transactions, as the transaction fees … Read More

Facebook’s Libra Creates a Financial Privacy Nightmare

Facebook recently unveiled its own digital currency, Libra, and as more analysts dig through the white paper, they are discovering the potential for the Libra to be a threat to many individuals’ privacy and security. Bill Black: Facebook’s Libra Currency … Read More

This Week In Dash: July 1st – July 6th

This week continues to be another impressive week with new network developments, integrations, and overall news that advances Dash towards becoming Digital Cash. Continue reading below to get a summary of the week. Dash Network Developments of the Week: Dash … Read More

What Dogecoin’s Headline News Means for the Crypto Markets

Another day, another pump in the crypto markets. This time, it’s Dogecoin with a nearly 40% market capitalization increase overnight following a Binance exchange listing, and this time, it has gotten some headlines. Things are different than before, though. Something … Read More