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How to buy and sell Dash

Below are shown the most popular exchanges that operate with Dash in Argentina.

Bitex: Bitex is a decentralized exchange that accepts fiat currencies for buying and selling Bitcoin using AstroPay, bank transferences and DEBIN as payment methods. Bitex also has a 0.5% fee per transaction.
Buda: Previously known as SurBTC, it is an easy access centralized exchange where users can acquire cryptocurrencies through fiat currencies. Its fees vary depending on the type of currency in which the transaction will be made.
CryptoMkt: Is a centralized exchange where users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies through fiat currencies such as: EUR, ARS, CLP, COP, MXN and BRL. Its fees go from 0.35% to 0.7% per transaction.
LocalBitcoins: Is a decentralized exchange that also works as a wallet. In this exchange users can only buy Bitcoin, however, this platform accepts argentinian pesos as payment method. It doesn’t have any fees, unless a transaction is closed.
Ripio: Is both a wallet and an exchange, it is centralized and users can get Bitcoins through Argentinian pesos. Its fees go from 0.5% to 2% depending on the transaction.
If you have any doubts about the exchanges previously mentioned, don't hesitate to contact us through any of our official channels.